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New Listing 2 story home in Cholla Bay

front of home

• 2,000 sq. ft., 3 bath, 4 bdrm 2 story - $199,900 - PANORAMIC VIEWS

 -  Brand new 2 story home, spectacular views of the Sea including a panoramic view of Cholla Bay. Ground floor, huge boat garage plus car and toys, w/d room, bathroom, bedroom and man cave. 2nd floor with great room with boveda ceiling, kitchen, master bedroom and 2 guest bedrooms. Lots of parking on lot. Quiet neighborhood in Cholla. The reasons to buy in Cholla Bay; Quiet, great neighbors, bay, beach and ocean with in walking distance, fishing, jet skiing, sailing, Old Boys Social Club, Cholla Bay Sportsman Club, monthly events and the HOA's are only $200.00 ANNUALLY. 24/7 police. NEEDS MAJOR APPLICANCES

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New listing For Sale in Cholla Bay

view of the Sea
2nd row home in Cholla Bay

• 1,800 sq. ft., 2 bath, 2 bdrm single story - MLS $214,900 USD - Views of the Sea

 -  2nd row 2BD/2BT home with spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez. Furnished. Has enclosed sun deck and 2 outside patios. Garden area, two garages, one for the car and the other for toys. Views of the sea from most all rooms. Quiet neighborhood in Cholla. The reasons to buy in Cholla Bay; Quiet, great neighbors, bay, beach and ocean with in walking distance, fishing, jet skiing, sailing, Old Boys Social Club, Cholla Bay Sportsman Club, monthly events and the HOA's are only $200.00 ANNUALLY. 24/7 police. MORE PHOTOS AFTER NEW OUTSIDE PAINT BY 7/20/14

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Sting Ray and Jellyfish season in Rocky Point Mexico


Jellyfish can be found on both coasts of Baja, although usually not in great numbers on either coast. The larger jellyfish, often up to one foot or more in diameter, can be found occasionally along the west coast of Baja. They are usually found offshore, but can sometimes be found in the surf line as well.

The sting of a large jellyfish can cause significant pain, but the pain is usually temporary and rarely lasts more than a day or two. Since they are relatively easy to see in the water, jellyfish can usually be avoided.

Much smaller jellyfish can be found in the Sea of Cortez. Some of these animals are so small they can barely be seen. In the case of most of these very small jellyfish, the sting is almost unperceptable and causes not much more than an itching sensation in most people.

These very small jellyfish can usually be seen with a mask and snorkel. Since most people snorkeling tend to look down towards the floor of the ocean when snorkeling, it is important to remember to look horizontally when checking for small jellyfish.

It is a good idea to look for evidence of jellyfish while walking along the shore before going into the ocean. If the jellyfish are 'running' there are usually pieces of jellyfish or whole jellyfish laying on the sand between the low tide line and the high tide line.

If there is evidence of jellyfish along the shore there is a very good chance that they will also be in the water. Whether or not jellyfish can be seen on the shoreline, it's always a good idea to keep a look out for these slimy looking creatures once you have entered the water.



Stingrays are diamond shaped animals with flat bodies found in ocean waters on both the Pacific Coast of Baja as well as the Sea of Cortez side, usually in shallow warm waters with sandy bottoms. They tend to be more prevelent on the Sea of Cortez side of Baja, and usually hang out together in groups. The larger rays tend to stay in deeper water.

Most swimmers use the 'Stingray Shuffle' as the primary method of avoiding these marine animals. By simply shuffling your feet while walking forward in the water, most stingrays will do their best to get out of the way. Walking 'heavy' on the ocean bottom while shuffling provides the same desired effect...warning these critters that you are nearby.

Stingrays are brown or tan and tend to blend in with flat sandy bottoms. They are sometimes covered with sand, and will usually not spend much time in the surf zone where waves are breaking and where the sandy bottom is rolling from the constant wave action. However, in calmer water just a little bit deeper they can be found laying still on the bottom.

Stingrays have barbed spines near the base of their their long whip-like tails capable of inflicting wounds on whatever part of the 'target' they strike. Since most people surprise stingrays with their feet, foot injuries are by far the most common with stingrays.

Once the barb of a stingray has been 'stung' into the foot of a person, venom enters the bloodstream. The pain is sharp and immediate, varying with the degree of the stingray 'hit'. It is important to address the wound as soon as possible. The main goals are to remove any barb that may have been placed by the ray, and suck out the venum from the wound. This is easily done with a small suction kit available for just such a job. Keeping the affected foot in extremely hot fresh water will do wonders to reduce pain until the poison is removed.

The good news is that stingrays are passive animals. They will only strike when they feel that their life is in danger. Such is the case when most people step on them. So whenever enjoying sandy waters that have been known to contain stingrays, walk slowly and heavily, shuffle your feet and keep your eyes open.

Home Port Update - July 2014

PART VI: Economic Impact of Home Port on Puerto Peñasco

by  on June 30, 2014 in Blog.

In Part V of our impact study we discussed ways a destination like ours could duplicate the very effective methods cruise lines have been using for forty years that have led to their continuous growth. That is to ask questions and listen to the answers, then give them more than they asked for.
Before we delve too deeply into the marketing science of garnering the valuable information that reveals what would make a cruise passenger a potential vacationer to our little slice of paradise by the sea, let’s take a macro look at the complex considerations of cruise operators just to select ports of call and itineraries.
Through the research methods covered in last month’s Part V, the cruise industry selects ports of call and itineraries only after careful study to maximize commercial potential and utilize ship assets.

 Perhaps most significant from a market perspective is that the cruise industry enjoys several unique characteristics rarely found in other segments of the tourism industry. For example, because cruise operators are fundamentally supply driven—demand always exceeds supply—cruise operators can “create” demand simply by providing new capacity (ships), then fairly easily find customers to fill them, which is just a matter of making their loyal customer base aware of what’s new.
New ship capacity doesn’t even matter with the demand situations that exist. They can fill the smaller ships from ongoing  demand for the more exotic ports of limited capability; larger ships can be filled from the existing demand for longer itineraries to larger ports.

It would seem that all the cruise companies have to be sure of is that they create itineraries in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts—right back to giving the customer more than they asked for.
However, the decisions involved in choosing the size of a new ship build are as complex as the financing scenario. We’re talking a two to four year turn around no matter the vessel size at an investment that will teeter on either side of a $Billion, whether it’s a 300 cabin river boat ($700 million plus) or a 3000 cabin mega ship ($1.2Billion or more). The trend by the larger carriers is definitely toward larger ships, leaving smaller vessels to the smaller operators (most of whom are owned by the big cruise companies anyway).
Then there are the considerations of how best to maximize revenue streams from a captive market such as on board goods and services and shore-based excursions. These could impact the number and order of port calls.  Climate can impact whether seasonal repositioning of ships would be necessary as well.
Again, Puerto Peñasco as a home port would rarely be impacted by any of those factors other than changes in the overall length of a sailing. An example of a cruise line deciding to change its port call sequence or even eliminating one or more of them, might
result from another hike in fuel prices which account for 15% of the operational expenses Those options we’ll address in future impact studies as they will affect the direction and priorities of infrastructure plans.

Let’s take a walk by the pier with home port project Administrative Director, Wendy Winzer, to get the latest on the partial resumption of  construction activity…
Down by the Pier 
In our last walk down by the pier, construction was at a complete stand still—in fact, it was shut down due to a dispute over the truckers lack of receipts for work claimed. To finally settle this dispute, state  tourism director, Javier Tapia Camou, the appointed project head, had to make a trip to the port and personally negotiate with the union.
Although Camou returned to Hermosillo under the impression that all was settled, the disputing truckers’ union didn’t see it that way and physically barricaded the gate to the pier blocking any entry or exit to or from the sight. Very quickly, however, federal police were called in to forcibly remove the large trucks from the sight, and tow them some distance so they would not return.
We had also learned last trip that the second blasting of the Black Mountain quarry, while it did produce useable rocks of the smaller to medium size needed, geologists determined that this quarry was not capable of providing enough of the very large rocks needed to complete the project as originally thought. Thus, research was being conducted to find alternatives either from other quarries and consideration was even being given to manufacture the larger rocks from cement and smaller pieces that are plentiful.

Analysis of this situation is still ongoing. Alternate quarries have been found but the distance is cost prohibitive. A separate team of geologists is taking another more detailed look at Black Mountain to conduct laboratory tests to find a way to blast for the larger rocks. Results are expected sometime in July.
In the meantime, there are eight double-length trucks that you see unloading along the pier since June 6th. They’re  bringing in the plentiful small to medium sized rocks from the last blast at the rate of 800 to 1,000 tons per day which are used to lay the base and first layer of the breakwater. Since the 6th of June they’ve extended the pier by 30 meters.
Wendy’s goal, of course, is to get the project back to the aggressive level of January when they were moving 5,000 tons per day. She anticipates no problem rounding up the trucks once the source of rocks is determined. In fact, the union did finally produce the receipts that had been missing and they have been paid accordingly. Wendy says they can return to work once the rock challenge is met.
As always, we’ll keep you up to date on any new developments on the home port project.


Home for sale in Snady Beach Rocky Point Mexico

view of home

• 3,200 sq. ft., 3 bath, 3 bdrm single story - $695,000 USD - Villa like new furnished

 -  Casa Blanca Villa 3Bd/3Bt located in Sandy Beach. Beautiful home, like new fully furnished. 2 AC's with 3 thermastats for energy efficiency. solid wood cabintry, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and much more. Views of the Sea and the lush common area of Casa Blanca 18 hole putting greens. The key is awaiting you.

Casa Blanca Villa 3Hab/3Ba se localiza en Sandy beach. Casa hermosa, esta como nueva amueblada. 2 Aires acondicionados con 3 termostatos para eficiencia en energía, anaqueles sólidos de madera, barras de granito, electrodomésticos de acero inoxidable y mucho mas. Vistas del Mary el area comun frente al campo de golf de 18 hoyos. La llave esta esperando por usted. ($5,000 DLLS DE BONO AL AGENTE DEL COMPRADOR)

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Home with boat garage in Cholla Bay

House #6
Views of the bay and sunsents of Cholla

• 2,250 sq. ft., 4 bath, 4 bdrm 2 story - $259,900 USD - Boat, car and toy storage

 -  Welcome to Cholla Bay. New townhome, 4bd/3.5bath 3rd at the bay. Large boat garage and another garage for toys and car. Views of the bay from the margarita deck. Great neighbors, bay, beach and ocean with in walking distance, fishing, jet skiing, sailing, Old Boys Social Club, Cholla Bay Sportsman club, monthly events and the HOA’s are only $200.00 ANNUALLY. 24/7 police.UNFURNISHED Bring your own personality.

Bienvenidos a Bahia la Cholla. Casa nueva, 4hab-3.5ba a tres calles de la bahia. Almacen para un bote grande y otro para el carro. Vistas de la bahia desde el balcon. Las razones para comprar en Bahía la Cholla - vecindarios tranquilos, bahía, playa y océano a distancia cercana, pesca, navegar, Club social Old Boys, Sportsman club, eventos mensuales y las cuotas de mantenimiento son solamente $200.00 Dlls anuales. Policía las 24 hrs. SIN AMUEBLAR traiga su propia personalidad.

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Beach front Condo for sale in Las Conchas

View from beach

• 1,500 sq. ft., 3 bath, 3 bdrm single story - $279,000 USD

 -  Las Olas #25
3bd/3bt beachfront townhome. Cute and cozy, remodeled. Just steps to the Sea. The key is awaiting you.

La Olas #25
3 Hab/ 3 Ba casa frente a la playa. Linda casita remodelada. A slo unos pasos del mar. La llave espera por usted.

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2 story Home Bay front Cholla Bay 2bd/2bt

boat house with second floor casita

• 1,850 sq. ft., 2 bath, 2 bdrm 2 story - $299,900 USD

 -  Bay front property with concession in process. 2 bedroom 2 bath, plus Casita on top of boat house. Built in 1960 with several remodels. Home was prior the school house in Cholla, has quite a history. What an opportunity to experience the Cholla Bay village. Cholla offers; Great neighbors, bay, beach and ocean with in walking distance, fishing, jet skiing, sailing, Old Boys Social Club, Cholla Bay Sportsman club, monthly events and the HOA’s are only $200.00 ANNUALLY. 24/7 police. Owner will consider sale of boat also.

Propiedad frente a la Bahia con consecion en proceso, 2 habitaciones 2 baños, mas una casita arriba del almacen de bote. Construida en 1960 con muchs remodelaciones. La casa fue una escuela en La Cholla, tiene una gran historia. Que oportunidad de experimentar la villa de Bahia la Cholla. La Cholla ofrece; Gran vecindario. bahia, oceano a distancia corta, pesca, jet skiing. navegacion, club social Old Bys, club de pesca, eventos mensuals y el HOA esta a solamente $200 Dllrs anualmente. Policia 24-7. Mas fotos estaran disponibles pronto.

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Single Story For Sale in Santo Tomas

House from the Sea

• 1,900 sq. ft., 2 bath, 3 bdrm single story - MLS $395,000 USD

 -  Welcome to Santo Tomos, located 1.5 hours east of Rocky Point, serene and magnificent beaches. Well maintained home, with plenty of land to expand or build your garage. the key is awaiting you. One of the lowest priced turn-key beachfront homes in the area. Seller motivated.

Bienvenidos a Santo Tomas, localizado a 1.5 horas al este de Puerto Peñasco, playas serenas y magnificas. Casa bien mantenida, con mucho terreno para expandir o construir su garage, la llave esta esperando por usted. Uno de los precios mas bajos de casas frente al mar en el area. Vendedor motivado.

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Single Story For Sale in Playa Miramar

Looking from beach

• 1,600 sq. ft., 2 bath, 2 bdrm single story - MLS $479,900 USD

 -  Well maintainted Beach front home in Playa Miramar 2 BD/2BT. Garage with jet ski and an ATV 400 Polaris comes with the purchase. Turn key - key awaiting you.

Casa frente a la playa muy bien mantenida en Playa Miramar 2 hab/2ba. Garage con moto acuatica y una moto Polaris 400 incluidas con la compra. Lista para vender - La llave esperando por usted.

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