Mexico Indepencende Day


The Mexican Independence Day is a major holiday in Mexico, the celebration begins every September 15th at 11 pm in every single city and town in Mexico. In Mexico City, the President, following the ritual, rings the historic liberty bell that Father Hidalgo rang to call the people. Then gives the "El Grito" (The Cry). He shouts "Mexicanos, Viva Mexico" and the crowd echos back, establishing the tradition which has been solemnly followed every year thereafter.  And it is echoed by the governor of each state throughout the country.
The Cry may include other acclamations, such as the one included by President Benito Juarez to honor all those who sacrificed to make Mexico free: "Long live the Heroes of our Independence!". No one really knows what Hidalgo actually told the people. Many respected historians believe he said, "¡Viva the Virgin of Guadalupe!" "Death to bad government.!" "Death to the gachupines!" (Gachupines is a derisive term for Spaniards.) Because the term "Mexico" at the time meant Mexico City, Hidalgo probably did not say "¡Viva Mexico!

After the last "Viva México" is cried, the president waves the flag, rings the bell, and the National Anthem is sung. The next day, there is a civic ceremony, and a military parade. The actual day of September 16 is similar to Fourth of July in the United States. There are rodeos, parades, bullfights and horseback rider performances. The people feast and recall Hidalgo's speeches. There are statues in memory of Father Hidalgo and people decorate them with flowers. In cities with large Mexican communities outside of Mexico, the Mexican Consul does the traditional "Grito". The show usually features traditional Mexican dances, singers, a rock group formed by Mexican students and of course, the "mariachis."