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Home Port Update - March 2016

State Administration to Rescue Home Port Project: Seeks to Address Problems Detected
     By Jose Antonio Perez    JoinUs Magazine 

Given the importance of Puerto Penasco as a tourist destination, the Government of Sonora will do what is necessary to rescue and further construction on the cruise ship Home Port, reported Ruben Dario Araiza Salazar, Deputy Income Secretary of the State Fiscal Office. Araiza Salazar stated per instruction of Governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano, they are pursuing important steps in Mexico City with respect to the project. 

Clearly, he assured, the intent is to correct anything that may have happened in the past that led to delays in federal public investments so that work on the Home Port may resume fully, and as soon as possible. He underscored this is one of their priorities.

He detailed problems to the project arose from the 2013 period, which were not addressed by the former administration. He noted this similarly occurred with many other projects in the state as well. 

The Sonoran Deputy Income Secretary remarked state finances and income were in a state of chaos when the new administration came in. However, they have set to the task of rebuilding and correcting items that were not done appropriately in order to move forward the projects that are a priority for Sonora. 

Araiza Salazar stated he is fully aware of the current economic situation in Puerto Penasco and how it has been affected due to dependence on the US economy. With this in mind, he hopes via his role in the State Government to support any infrastructure projects Puerto Penasco may have. 

This is precisely the case with the Home Port, he emphasized, as it is a project they will continue to promote, just as many others that are fundamental for Sonora. 

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